• Approved by IMCA, WISSOTA, USRA, USMTS, DIRTcar, and most other major sanctioning bodies.
  • Material is the same grade and thickness as the OEM frame and welds very consistent.
  • Frame assembly is both easy and consistent due to the locating tabs having built-in stops for alignment.
  • Cross member has clearance built in the back side for radiator placement and in the front side for steering components.
  • Cross member has been lowered on the left upper side for steering shaft clearance.
  • Cross member has 5/16" locating holes on the lower section for correct indexing of horn placement for easy fitment.
  • Front horns have been notched in the spring pocket area for ease of spring changes. This allows the stamping to be stronger in the spring pocket area, as the metal is not pulled in different areas as the factory frames are.
  • The horns and the rear lower control arm mounts have two 5/16" locating holes to locate the correct rear control arm placement.
  • Frame rails have locating tabs for easy placement to frame horns.
  • The weight of the AFCO frame is the same as the factory OEM frame with the same cuts.

Replacement individual right and left horns and right frame rails are available for crash repair.


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Note: For Racing purposes only. This frame will not work on street or passenger cars.