Aluminum Electric Fan Mount Universal Comes With All Hardware AFCO

AFCO billet aluminum fan mount bracket set for mounting electric fan to the radiator. This set includes all of the billet aluminum mounting and retainer brackets, along with all hardware and including instructions.
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High Performance Coolant Non-Propylene Glycol Premixed 1 gallon AFCO

AFCO high performance coolant is a premium pre-mixed formula, no need to add water. It protects from -34 f to 265 F using a 15 lb. cap. It is a patented universal low silicate formula with maximum protection from corrosion for modern engine materials. Non-propylene glycol type coolant for better heat transfer and 100 percent biodegradable.
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Coolant Glycol Free Additive 16 oz. AFCO

AFCO coolant additive for coolant and water that promotes increased heat transfer. 40 percent reduction of surface tension compared to plain water. This formula is more complex than the competitors as it features better protection against corrosion and rust. This glycol free formula is 100 percent biodegradable.

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Shock Oil 5 Gallon Can AFCO

5 gallon can of AFCO shock oil. For use in all AFCO rebuildable shocks with the perfect blend of viscosity and performance.

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