AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Non-Adjustable Mono-tube Accessory Kit AFCO

Non-adjustable mono-tube accessory kit.

part #MT/AC

AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Mono-tube and Twin-tube Main Shim Box AFCO

Mono-tube and twin-tube main shim box.

part #MT/TTSB

AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Mono-tube Base Valve Accessory Kit AFCO

Mono-tube base valve accessory kit.

part #MTBV/AC

10" Shock Cover AFCO

10 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR14

12" Shock Cover AFCO

12 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR19

14" Shock Cover AFCO

14 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR21

HD Steel Manual Fan GM 15 Inch 6 Blade 33 Degree Pitch Dual Bolt Pattern AFCO

AFCO 15" heavy duty 6 blade fan offers 33 degree pitch blades for efficient performance even at higher RPM's. The dual bolt pattern allows fitment to most pumps.

part #80182

80163 Radiator Series

55 - '56 Chevy - Chevy Engine radiator.

100% aluminum - NO EPOXY.
Billet filler neck w/ threaded, high capacity overflow tube.
High performance, dual one inch tubes.
TIG-welded, laser-cut tanks.
Down flow design.
Auto trans cooler available.
1 1/2" inlet and 1 3/4" outlet.
100% pressure tested.
Optional full, show-quality polish or black thermal coating.
Full 1 year warranty.
California Proposition 65 Statement