Street Fighter Rebound Adjustable Stock Mount Shocks

AFCO is proud to announce that our latest monotube technology is now available in single adjustable stock mount design for many street and strip applications. This new stock mount shock is designed to fit in the OEM locations and offers great control, consistency and tunability. A wide range of rebound adjustability lets you tune your chassis from controlling the initial hit at the rear tires to controlling front weight transfer to keep those tires hooked. Now is the right time invest in higher shock technology. Choose AFCO Racing Shocks!

  • Single adjustable (rebound) design for non-coil-over applications.
  • Wide range of adjustment with the ability to fine tune your chassis.
  • OEM mounting allows for easy install without modifications.
  • Rebuildable & revalvable for long life and great performance.
  • 1/2” hard chrome piston rod.

Dominator 4-Way Adjustable Drag Shock

The engineers at AFCO designed the new 4-way shock program with performance and function in mind. This shock series features the same traction enhancing technology found in all AFCO Shocks, but is fully high and low speed adjustable on both compression and rebound damping. Consistency is improved by the recirculating, single circuit valve design. Unlike other adjustable shocks, hysteresis is minimized and remains low regardless of the adjustment position or range. This allows for a wide adjustment range without sacrificing performance. The shock can be configured to fit most coil-over applications. Its compressed and extended lengths are in line with industry standards and the adjustable eyelet and canister position allows for maximum mounting clearance. This series is ideal for everyone from the over-achieving sportsman to the professional racer.

  • Fully independent high and low speed adjustments for both compression and rebound.
  • All adjustments affect the pressure drop across the main piston.
  • Single-circuit, recirculating design allows for large adjustment range with extremely low hysteresis.
  • Solid main piston allows for reduced gas charge pressure without the risk of cavitation.
  • Nitrogen bladder design enhances response and reduces “stiction” induced hysteresis and eliminates cavitation.
  • Compact - compressed and extended lengths comparable to most standard shock lengths on the market.
  • Universal mounting design has 32 different options.
    • 8 position, indexable gas canister.
    • 4 position, indexable body eyelet.
  • Custom tuning to meet the racer’s needs.
  • Controls tire shake and eliminates chassis ratcheting.

Aluminum 6 Inch Stroke Coil-over Single Adjustable 1993-02 Camaro Firebird Reactor AFCO

AFCO's Reactor Single Adjustable Mono-tube Drag Shock is an economical alternative to a fully double adjustable design. Mono-tube design uses a larger piston for the same body size which gives unparalleled control and consistency. Adjusts rebound without affecting compression for the widest adjustment range in the industry. Fits front stock location of a 1993-2002 F-Body Camaro/ Firebird. Includes unique mounting hardware that allows use of rod-end style shaft end for better performance 14" comp x 20" extended length. Includes coil-over kit. Recommended 14" tall spring sold separately.

part #6875F

14" Shock Cover AFCO

14 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR21

Gas Cell for Small Body Shocks AFCO

Fits 6", 7", 9" shocks.

part #SK1008

Rebuild Kit (11T, 13T, 35, 36, 37, 38 Series) - Twin-tube Base Valve Accessory Kit AFCO

All common components needed for complete rebuild/revalve of multiple shocks. Includes a component reference guide with photos and part numbers.

part #TTBV/AC

Rebuild Kit - Compression Jets AFCO

For the 11T Series & 13T Series only. All common components needed for complete rebuild/revalve of multiple shocks. Includes a component reference guide with photos and part numbers.


Big Gun X Twin Tube Series

The Big Gun X Double Adjustable Twin Tube shocks are specifically valved for high horsepower drag radial tire equipped applications. Drag radial competitors require a unique valving package to control the rear suspension and properly apply the radial tire to the track. Superior traction is achieved through a high flow piston that delivers consistent performance, pass after pass. If you have 1,000 - 1,500 horsepower and are on a drag radial tire, this is the valving package you need to complement your race program. For quicker adjustments, mount your AFCO shocks upside down for unsprung weight savings and ease in accessing the rebound adjuster.
Double Adjustable - broadest range of adjustment in industry.
Big Gun X Valving - specifically valved for high horsepower
applications: S/O, NPS, Ultra Street, and Quick 8.
Great for BIG or SMALL tire door slammers.
Rebuildable and revalvable.
Body Mount: 1/2 I.D. Bearing (1 wide).
Shaft Mount: 1/2 I.D. Bearing (1 wide).

BHCS 8-32 X 1/4 STLNS

part #901060021-25

AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Non-Adjustable Mono-tube Accessory Kit AFCO

Non-adjustable mono-tube accessory kit.

part #MT/AC

AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Mono-tube and Twin-tube Main Shim Box AFCO

Mono-tube and twin-tube main shim box.

part #MT/TTSB

AFCO Shock Repair Kit - Mono-tube Base Valve Accessory Kit AFCO

Mono-tube base valve accessory kit.

part #MTBV/AC

10" Shock Cover AFCO

10 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR14

12" Shock Cover AFCO

12 inch cover for shocks.

part #OWSCR19