3 Hole Shim, Mono-tube (5 pack) AFCO

3 Hole shim, mono-tube (5 pack)

part #550000381-5

Mono-tube Inflation Gauge AFCO

Mono-tube inflation gauge for all gas charged shock with Schrader valve. This complete kit has gauge with range of 0-300 PSI.

part #20109

Shaft Non Adjustable T2 9" Chrome AFCO

Shaft, non adjustable for T2 , 9" chrome

part #550070079

Steel Shock Non-adjustable 5 Inch Stroke Street Strip AFCO

These twin tube steel shocks have precision 3 piece replaceable bearing ends, contain a 5/8" shaft for added strength, have a 360 degree weld-on eye ring for superior strength and a coil-over groove for coil-over applications. These shocks feature our drag valving in them.

part #1564A