Shock Bearing and Clip AFCO

Shock bearing and clip for AFCO shocks. Fits all Series of AFCO shocks. 1/2" inside diameter, 1.060 outside diameter, .390 thick. Best replacement bearing on the market.

part #1000

Housing With Bearing (Small Body) AFCO

Rod end for small body aluminum threaded body shock. Complete with housing, grooved for snap ring and with bearing installed. Replacement for AFCO 16 Series.

part #1007

Quick Pin 2 1/2" AFCO

Detented quick pin makes for quick shock changes during heat of action. The 2.5" long pin will go thru shock and mount for secure attachment without the use of tools. Push the release button and pull the pin to undo the shock end.

part #10156

Diaper Pin Style Clip AFCO

Replacement diaper pin style clip. Use in coil-over kits to retain shock seat. Kits # 20125A, 20125A-7, 20125AR, and 20125A-7R still use this attachment pin.

part #10157

Small Body Steel Shock Snap Ring AFCO

Replacement small body steel shocks snap ring. Used on 15 & 22 Series shocks to retain sleeve on the shock, in coil-over applications.

part #10241

Large Body Steel Shock Snap Ring AFCO

Replacement large body steel shocks snap ring. Used on 10, 14, 19, 23, 24, 55, 56, 57, & 58 Series shocks, to retain sleeve on the shock, in coil-over applications.

part #10242

Lock Nut Small Body Aluminum AFCO

Replacement lock nut for small body aluminum dual stage spring applications. Requires 2 quantity for each shock. Comes in kit # 20121.

part #20100

Small Body Dual Stage spring Slider AFCO

Replacement small body dual stage spring slider. Comes in kit 20121, to help protect threads during shock and spring movement.

part #20101

Monotube Inflation Gauge AFCO

Monotube inflation gauge for all gas charged shock with Schrader valve. This complete kit has gauge with range of 0-300 PSI.

part #20109

Quarter Midget Travel Indicator Kit AFCO

.25 midget coil-over kit with short cone for AFCO quarter midget shocks. Kit complete with cone and adjuster nut.

part #20114

Coil-Over Travel Indicator Kit AFCO

Coil-over travel indicator kit. When installed it will show travel, both compression and extension. Great tuning tool.

part #20116

Hardware Kit For Small Body Shocks AFCO

2 step hardware kit for small body shocks. Used on front of micro & mini-sprints and midgets to help improve traction in the slickest of conditions.

part #20121