Housing With Bearing (Small Body) AFCO

Rod end for small body aluminum threaded body shock. Complete with housing, grooved for snap ring and with bearing installed. Replacement for AFCO 16 Series.

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part #1007

10 Series Shock

AFCO twin tube gas bagged shock. 5/8" durable shaft, welded 360 degree eyelet for maximum strength, grooved for coil-over hardware. 7" stroke, 3 valve on compression and rebound. 12 1/2" compressed and 19 1/2" extended. Coil kit 20125A for coil-over springs or 20125A-7 for 7" sleeve and coil-over springs.

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14 Series Shock

AFCO fixed bearing 14 Series sealed body coil-over shocks. Our most economical coil-over shock grooved for coil kit, steel body, twin tube design. 7" stroke, 3 valve on compression and rebound. Coil kit 20125A for 2 5/8" coils or 20125A-7K for 5" OD springs.

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15 Series Shock

AFCO steel small body shock. Ideal for dwarf cars and micro-sprint cars. Can be used as coil-over or without coils. 5" stroke, 1 valve on compression and rebound. Uses coil kit number 20125SB or 20125SB-7 for longer sleeve. 10.25" compressed and 15.25" extended.

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16 Series Shock - Non-Adjustable

AFCO aluminum small body twin tube shock. Non-adjustable, threaded body. Uses coil-over kit 20123A. Great for dwarf cars, micro & mini sprints, and midgets. Available 5"/ 6"/7"/8"/9" stroke. 5" stroke, 1 valve compression and rebound.

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19 Series Shock

AFCO steel take apart shocks. Owner rebuildable, twin tube, will work with or without coil-over spring. Body is 2.02" outside diameter, so it will fit most modifieds on the market. Made in the USA. 5" stroke, 3 valve compression and rebound.

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35 Series Shock

AFCO 35 Series are aluminum, twin tube, compression adjustable shocks. Compression ranges are 3-6 with rebound of 3-7. Compression changes will not affect rebound, coil-over hardware kit comes with the shock. Good shock for crate late models. 6" stroke.

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37 Series Shock

AFCO 37 Series are twin tube, aluminum body, threaded double adjustable shocks. Standard adjustment ranges are 3-6 compression and rebound. Special valve code are available for this shock. 7" stroke. Includes coil-over hardware.

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38 Series Shock

AFCO's Eliminator Double Adjustable Drag Shock gives you the widest adjustment range in the industry. Compression and Rebound adjust independently from each other. This 3" stroke shock comes with coil-over hardware. 10" comp x 12.9" Ext length= best for 10.75"-11.25" centers at ride height. Valve range covers 1,000 hp or less applications (for higher hp check out our "Big Gun" series.) Recommended 7" spring sold separately.

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Gas Bag for Twin Tube Shocks

Fits 7” Twin Tube Shocks, 74cc. Manufactured by The Brown Company.

part #550000348