Shock Vise AFCO

If you are serious about rebuilding and revalving your own shocks, this is a must have! This shock viseincludesan aluminum bracket (shown) to mount the vise to your workbench.

part #20113

Quarter Midget Travel Indicator Kit AFCO

.25 midget coil-over kit with short cone for AFCO quarter midget shocks. Kit complete with cone and adjuster nut.

part #20114

Coil-Over Travel Indicator Kit AFCO

Coil-over travel indicator kit. When installed it will show travel, both compression and extension. Great tuning tool.

part #20116

Hardware Kit For Small Body Shocks AFCO

2 step hardware kit for small body shocks. Used on front of micro & mini-sprints and midgets to help improve traction in the slickest of conditions.

part #20121

Upper Spring Seat For Coil-Over Kits On Steel Shocks AFCO

Upper spring seat for coil-over kits on steel shocks. Works on AFCO shocks Series 10, 14, 19, 23, 24 25, 55 ,56 ,57 &58. Uses diaper pin # 10157.

part #20129

Adjuster Nut For Coil-Over Kit on Steel Shocks AFCO

Adjuster nut for coil-over kits on steel AFCO shocks. Kit number 20125A, 20125A-7, 20125AR, and 20125A-7R.

part #20133

Coil Over Hardware Kit For Large Body Blue AFCO

Replacement coil-over kit for AFCO 13T, 21, 26, 31, 32, 35, 36 & 37 Series shocks using 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs.
For 2-1/2" i/d coil-over springs
Replacement coil-over kit
Fits: AFCO 13T, 21, 26, 31, 32, 35, 36 & 37 Series shocks

part #20135

Weld-On Universal Shock Mount Wide AFCO

Coil-over mount universal with spacer bushing. With bolt & nut 1-3/8" wide.

part #20137

Coil-over Mount AFCO

Coil-over mount for lower arm with round tube.

part #20138

Coil-over Mount AFCO

Coil-over mount made for roll cage attachment.

part #20139