Bumpstop 3" Tall Natural Color Hard Compound AFCO

Bumpstop for AFCO shocks. 3" tall natural color, hard compound.

part #223559

16 Series Shock - Remote Gas

AFCO double adjustable small body Aluminum shock. 6" stroke, compression adjustable 2-5 valve and rebound adjustable 1-5 valve. 5/8" durable shaft for strength, with gas canister and 18" hose. Mono-tube shock, made in the USA.

California Proposition 65 Statement

End Cap Schrader Valved Build Assembly AFCO

AFCO end cap for Schrader valved build assembly.

part #8000098

Schrader Valve 5/16-32 AFCO

Schrader valve 5/16-32

part #550000050

Extension Bearing Adjustable Shock AFCO

Small body 1 inch extension with bearing for adjustable shock.

California Proposition 65 Statement

part #550000103

Bolt Base Valve AFCO

Bolt 10-32 base valve.

part #550000151