Aluminum 4 Inch Stroke Coil-over Single Adjustable Reactor Shock AFCO

AFCO's Reactor Series Single Adjustable Drag Shock is an economical alternative to a fully adjustable design. Monotone design that features a wide range of rebound adjustability without bleeding over into compression changes. This 4" shock comes with coil-over hardware. 12.22 comp x 16.17 ext. length= best for 12.25"-13.25" centers at ride height. Valve range covers 1,000 hp or less applications (for higher hp check out our "Big Gun" series.) Recommended 7" or 8" spring sold separately.

part #6845

63 Series Shock 8" Stroke

Aluminum threaded small body bulb shock, 8" stroke rebound adjustable. Cockpit adjustable available, base valve design, run with less gas pressure for more feel and traction, owner serviceable. Valved 0 compression and 1-4 rebound. Compressed length 14.68" and extended 22.68".