Street Fighter Rebound Adjustable Stock Mount Shocks

AFCO is proud to announce that our latest monotube technology is now available in single adjustable stock mount design for many street and strip applications. This new stock mount shock is designed to fit in the OEM locations and offers great control, consistency and tunability. A wide range of rebound adjustability lets you tune your chassis from controlling the initial hit at the rear tires to controlling front weight transfer to keep those tires hooked. Now is the right time invest in higher shock technology. Choose AFCO Racing Shocks!

Single adjustable (rebound) design for non-coil-over applications.
Wide range of adjustment with the ability to fine tune your chassis.
OEM mounting allows for easy install without modifications.
Rebuildable & revalvable for long life and great performance.
1/2” hard chrome piston rod.

California Proposition 65 Statement